Thursday, 16 May 2013

Biking and Coasteering for Scaladale

The last couple of days I have been working for the Scaladale Centre, in North Harris. Yesterday was showery with a few exfoliating hailstones, so we decided that mountain biking in the castle grounds was the way to go. This is a great area for teaching skills, with lots of small, isolated slopes and features to practice on, and a variety of purpose-built trails to play on once confidence has been built. The teams did brilliantly, with some who had never been off road on a bike before managing to ride the red run by the end of the session.

Top of the blue run - 2nd run, double the fun!

Today was a brighter day, although still with a cool breeze and the odd heavy shower. We took the groups coasteering at Rhenigidale as they had a theme for the day of comparing coastal and inland environments. Conditions were great, with just a little swell to make things interesting, but not enough to prevent us getting the maximum fun out of the journey. It's a great venue, with plenty of options to start and finish, and interesting things to do whatever height the tide is at. 

Running into the sea - Baywatch style!

Getting used to letting the swell do the work

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